Morfe Cloud Series 1000

Morfe Cloud Series 1000

Morfe Cloud Series 1000

RM2,399.00 - RM4,899.00

Category: Bedding

Brand: Morfe

Quantity: 12

Cloud 1000:

Quantity :


Cloud 1000: - Mattress thickness 11" - 2" Box top - 20 Celliant Fabric - 10mm Natural Latex Padding - Coconut Fibre - N.A.S.A Foam - Advanced Foam Box System - Pocket Spring

FOC: - 2x contour pillow - mattress protector

The Cloud Series 1000 extends the essential comfort experience for your body and mind. Supreme semi-hard tenderness provides you with a full support towards your neural spine; breathing airways unconstricted and allows muscle relaxation. As a result, you will wake up with an energized condition to cherish throughout the day.

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