Morfe Cloud Series 5000

Morfe Cloud Series 5000

Morfe Cloud Series 5000

RM10,999.00 - RM18,999.00

Category: Bedding

Brand: Morfe

Quantity: 12

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Cloud 5000: - Mattress thickness 16.5'' - 4'' pillow top + 3.5'' plush top - Full Celliant fabric - 50mm Natural Latex Padding - Visco elastic memory foam - Coconut fibre - N.A.S.A foam - Junior Coil - High-Density Ultra Soft - Advanced Foam Box System - Pocket Spring

FOC: - 2x microgel pillow - Mattress protector - bedframe

It is your personal meditation essence where you will relish the astounding plushness experience. The Cloud Series 5000 will replenish your body and soul energy circulating inside out by its ergonomic tenderness which was primarily designed to even out your weight distribution independently. Hence, your sleeping position shifts won't affect your partner's sleeping adventure.

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